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Police Pursuit 2 Police Pursuit 2
Patrol the town and pursue the criminals before the time's up. Find all the hidden missions and collect all secret items.
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Stein.World Stein.World
STEIN.WORLD is a MMO Role-Playing Game you can play right in your browser. You can play as a lone wolf or in a group of friends to explore the fantasy world of Stein. Complete quests and fight against monsters to level up and compete in the rankings of our dungeons. In the game you start as a character who wakes up after a night of heavy drinking, in which he has lost his family stein (beer mug). To get this precious item back you start to explore the world to find clues where your stein could be. In the progress you gear up, complete hundreds of quests and fight in dungeons like the Cygluln Chambers where waves of enemies await you. Features: - Persistent fantasy world - Current max Level: 20 - Hundreds of quests with many different objectives - Hundreds of Items - Millions of Equipment variations - Group function - Friend list - Dungeons - Wave Dungeons - Ranking System - Bossfight system - Professions system (gathering and crafting) - Trading Upcoming Features: - Bank - Guild system - Mounts & Pets - PvP system (battlegrounds and open world pvp) - Housing with farming - Raids - Factions with reputation - Planned max Level: 100+ Register on the page and start playing right away. Move your character around with typical "WASD" or Arrow Key movement. Interact with objects or NPCs by pressing "E". Change the orientation of your character and aim ranged attacks with your mouse. If you don't like any of the default configurations, just change them in the options window.
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Dynast.IO - New Survival IO game with RPG elements. Survive, build your base, craft weapons with your friends.
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Liberators Liberators
Welcome to the Year 2050 where everything has been controlled peacefully using Cyborgs... But not today.., These Cyborgs have turned against the innocent citizens and are butchering them on sight. To stop this menace a special task force of Liberators is asked to intervene for everyone’s rescue. The story is Filled with unpredictable turns and it will be hard to distinguish between a friend and an ally. Choose between 4 complete playable characters and make decisions along the way. Travel across Awesome cityscapes including sci-fi urban areas, roof tops , streets filled with unfriendly beings. Destroy everything that stands in your way as you Liberate the city from the Cyborg threat.
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BuzzMe BuzzMe
#BuzzMe brothers and sisters! OMG! BuzzMe for the ultimate trending nametests. What Harry Potter character are you? LOL! Who misses you today? WOW! What surprise awaits you in 2019? BAM! #BuzzMe to find out!
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Hero in the Ocean 2 Hero in the Ocean 2
Hop in your submarine and rescue divers that have been lost at the bottom of the ocean.
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Squadd Royale Squadd Royale
Squadd Royale is a multiplayer battle royale shooting game, where you must be the last one standing! Explore a large map in 3D. Drive vehicles and visit buildings. Search for weapons, ammo and power-ups to survive. Gain XP and levels to unlock cool skins, parachutes, emotes and flags.
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Short Ride Short Ride
Choose your hero and get to the finish without losing your head! Avoid obstacles and try to complete the levels with all your body parts.
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Flip Skater Flip Skater
The BEST SKATEBOARD GAME on Mobile! Choose your board and get ready for a thrilling ride on the Halfpipe! Slide down the ramps at high speed to reach outrageous heights and become the best Skateboarder on the Planet! Travel the globe on the most amazing environments and leave your Skateboarder print all over the World! Do amazing tricks - Nose grabs, rocket airs, frontside airs - Beat the highest scores and show your mad skills to the World! Download Flip Skater NOW! -------------------------------------- TRAVEL THE WORLD! Travel the World and choose your favourite location to Skate! From Miami Beach to Lake Baikal, take on the variety of ramps available for you! SPECTACULAR BOARDS! Pick your favourite board from a huge lot of possibilities! Make sure you skate in style! Unlock upgrades for the boards to make sure you maximise your score! AMAZING TRICKS! Unlock and Perform insane trick combinations to keep your streak rolling! Beat the highest scores by executing the most dangerous tricks and reaching mad heights! COOL CHARACTERS! Unlock & Upgrade a set of super cool characters! Every character as its own stats, make sure you try them all! They are waiting for you!
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Online Instant Soccer Online Instant Soccer
Instant Online Soccer is a multiplayer soccer game with arcade style and smooth retro graphics. Physics based gameplay without usual soccer rules makes for a pure skill and fast paced action. The controls are easy to understand and give you a full degree of freedom - this also means there is no auto-aiming and no luck involved in your wins and failures. The game puts emphasis on team play and quick reaction time. A successful player knows how to utilize short sprints and doesn't hesitate to pass the ball to a teammate when surrounded by opponents. Like a good io game it doesn't require an account and you are one click away from being inside the action.
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Articles last updated at Jan 20, 2019 18:41:39pm.
Next update in 60 minutes.
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